Flight Academy
Background:  The Air Force is funding scholarships for
AFJROTC cadets to attend private pilot training at
public/private universities during the summer of 2020.  
Selected cadets will be identified through competitive
boarding process.  The scholarship will pay for
transportation, room and board, academics, and flight
hours required to potentially earn a Private Pilot's
Certificate (PPC) through an in-residence collegiate
program that is approximately 8 weeks in length.

Each university hosting students is an independent
organization and provides its own management and
oversight for students and programs.  Additional
university specific information and requirements will be
provided after cadets are nominated, boarded, selected,
and matched to attend partnering universities.  Cadets
will be engaged in an intensive academic, flying training
program and may have classes or flying training during
weekend hours.  Completion of the Private Pilot's
Certificate is singularly dependent on each student's
academic and flying ability and the university's
determination and judgment to recommend a student.

Who May Apply: Applicants must be current sophomore,
junior, or senior AFJROTC cadets (active or reserve
status) who understand they are volunteering for a
scholarship to a public/private university.  There is no
military service commitment or obligation, nor does
program completion justify acceptance to military service.

Applicants must be 16 years old by 1 Jul 20, obtain a
minimum fitness assessment score of 40, and have a
minimum and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better
(on a 4.0 scale) to be nominated.  Lastly, applicants must
have a "strong" interest in aviation and a "never-quit"

Cadets who successfully complete the program and
receive their PPC will be required to join the Civil Air
Patrol (CAP) and may continue flying a minimum of once
per month with a CAP instructor quarterly.  This is
dependent on program funding and CAP aircraft
availability and will be at little or no cost to the cadet.