Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Can I still participate in other extra-curricular activities, such as
band or football, if I am in AFJROTC?

Answer:  Definitely!  It is not mandatory to participate in any of the AFJROTC
extra-curricular activities; such as the drill teams, rocketry team, physical
training team, or color guards, to be in AFJROTC.  

Question:  If I join AFJROTC do I have a commitment to join the military after
high school?

Answer:  Absolutely not.  You incur no commitment at all.  

Question:  Are there any benefits to being in AFJROTC if I do decide to join
the military?

Answer:  There are big benefits.  If you do two years in AFJROTC you will
enter the military with one extra stripe over other trainees who have not
been in AFJROTC; an increase in pay of approximately $3,000 a year.  If you
do three years, you will enter the military with two extra stripes; an increase
in pay of approximately $5,000 a year.  These are great financial benefits for
being in an elective course in high school.

Question:  All you do in AFJROTC is march around, right?

Answer:  Not at all.  Marching, or drill, is a very small amount of what we do in
AFJROTC.  The majority of your time is spent with two courses of study; one
in Aerospace Science and one in Leadership and Management.

Question:  Do I have to wear the Air Force uniform in AFJROTC?

Answer:  Yes.  By order of federal law, JROTC cadets must wear their uniform
a minimum of one day per week.

Question:  Do I have to get my haircut to be in AFJROTC?

Answer:  Yes.  Male’s hair must be cut to be within the standards established
styled when in uniform so that it enables them to wear the headgear properly

Question:  How do I earn rank in AFJROTC?

Answer:  Cadets earn rank each year based on good performance in the
corps and their current grade level.  Cadets also can earn advanced rank by
excelling in all facets of the corps; such as, service and activity participation,
physical fitness, academics, and promotion testing.

Question:  Can I learn to fly while in AFJROTC?

Answer:  Yes you can.  Once you turn 16, if you qualify, you can compete for a
scholarship to attend ground school and flight training.  This program is held
at Stinson Field in San Antonio and is sponsored by the Order of Daedalians;
a group made up of retired military aviators.

Question:  Will being in AFJROTC help me when I am applying for college?

Answer:  Definitely!  College registrars look for whether applicants have
been active in student organization or have held leadership positions in
those organizations.  AFJROTC is an excellent way to do that.  

Question:  Will being in AFJROTC help me when I am trying to get into a
college ROTC program?

Answer:  Without a doubt.  Approximately 71% of JROTC cadets that apply to
college ROTC programs are accepted.  That is a large number.

Question:  I have a handicap that prevents me from marching or doing
physical activity, can I still be in AFJROTC?

Answer:  Most definitely!  AFJROTC allows all students who are willing to
meet the uniform and appearance standards to join the program.

Question:  What is the goal of AFJROTC?

Answer:  The goal of the program is to “Develop citizens of America
dedicated to serve our nation and community.”  We do this by stressing
cadet service to the corps of cadets, the school, and the community.